Apple Watch Ultra: What's the Unique?

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Upgraded Appearance

Compared to the Apple Watch Series 9, the Digital Crown on the Apple Watch Ultra is larger and has coarser grooves. Both the crown and side buttons are enclosed in a raised side bezel, a move designed to make them easier to use while wearing gloves.

There's also a new customizable action button on the left side of the fuselage that users can set it to quickly start the workout, mark a Compass Waypoint, or begin a dive. This action button in international orange is designed to make Apple Watch Ultra easy to operate during outdoor activities, even when wearing gloves.

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Looks Tough

The Ultra's body features a 49mm titanium case, a material that gives off a faint gold glow amid silver. Compared with stainless steel, one of the advantages of titanium is that it is light, the second is that it is skin-friendly, and it is extremely corrosion-resistant, which means that this watch is very suitable for outdoor use. The new design not only offers greater performance, but also gives the watch a professional and rugged look.

Exclusive Watch Face

'Modular Ultra' and 'Wayfinder' are exclusive dials for Apple Watch Ultra. The dials provide definable complex functions, which can display water depth, height, count, etc., each of which illustrates the strong practicality of Apple Watch Ultra for outdoor sports. The dial also has unique night vision technology, and the shell switches to red at night to help maintain night vision.

Night mode for Apple Watch Ultra’s exclusive watch face

Bright Display

The screen of Apple Watch Ultra reaches the iPhone 14 Pro's brightness level of 2,000nits, making it very clear to read even in harsh outdoor sunlight. The display dims down to 1 nits in low-light conditions, and Night Mode turns on automatically in dark environments, providing a great visual experience.

Long Battery Life

Improved battery life has always been considered the biggest upgrade this time, and it is also one of the reasons why many users upgrade to Apple Watch Ultra. Equipped with a larger capacity battery, coupled with the new S9 SiP chip with lower power consumption and the optimization of Watch OS 10, the battery life has been greatly increased. Apple claims excellent battery life of up to 36 hours under normal use, which can be extended to up to 60 hours in low-power mode.
We used the new Apple Watch Ultra for a week and it lasted 48 to 60 hours, which was a big surprise.

Precision Dual-Frequency GPS

This is the first Apple Watch to be equipped with dual-frequency GPS. It supports both L1 and L5 frequencies, which better reduces signal interference from buildings and trees, and can accurately locate even in areas with poor signals, greatly improving outdoor practicality.

The Compass Reimagined


For example, if you go camping in the wild, you can mark the location of your tent as a waypoint. No matter how far you go, you can eventually navigate back to the tent through Apple Watch Ultra's compass function. Interestingly, you can mark multiple waypoints, which can be distinguished by different names, colors and icons. Apple Watch Ultra also has a dedicated shortcut for parking location, so you no longer have to worry about finding a parking spot when you go to a shopping mall parking lot.


Backtrack is to record the track of the route you take. If you are a road idiot, this function can help you navigate the original way back in accordance with the track to prevent getting lost. Backtrack uses GPS data to automatically create a path, so even if there is no cell phone and no network, you can return the same way via Apple Watch Ultra.

Send a Signal for Help

Apple Watch Ultra is equipped with a siren of up to 86 decibels. If you are in danger outdoors but cannot shout for help, you can press the siren button to emit a loud siren sound to help draw attention to the outside world, and the siren sound can be heard up to 600 feet or 180 meters away. There are three ways to turn on the siren.

  1. Find Siren in the app and turn it on directly.
  2. Press and holdthe right side button and slide right to open the siren module.
  3. Press and holdthe left orange action button, slide right to turn on the siren module.

Swimming with Apple Watch Ultra

Super Waterproof

The Apple Watch Ultra supports WR100 certification and can be used underwater to a depth of 40 meters, making it suitable for recreational scuba diving. In addition, it has partnered with Huish Outdoors to launch the Oceanic+ App, which turns the watch into a dive computer.

These special features of Apple Watch Ultra make it a smartwatch suitable for various extreme environments and high-intensity activities. Whether you are a professional athlete, an outdoor adventurer or a user with special needs for smartwatches, you'll be able to get the features and performance you need from Apple Watch Ultra.

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